#MarbsWorkFlow: Kristin's Workday Jamz

Kristin Foster, Interactive Coordinator 

My "Workday Jamz" playlist is the perfect mix of chill tracks and toe-tapping bops to get you through a day at the office. It includes hits from some of my all-time faves like Taylor Swift, John Mayer, and Brett Eldredge, along with some of my new obsessions like Lauv and Abby Anderson. Hit play to get your workday started!

Listen Here: http://bit.ly/KristinsWorkdayJamz

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Rising Women on the Row 2018: Faithe Dillman

We’re proud to have a leader who leads by example and shows passion and creativity every day, in every campaign. Our fearless leader Faithe Dillman has been named one of the Rising Women of The Row for 2018!

Read her interview on Music Row Magazine: http://bit.ly/RWOTRFaitheDillman

Watch her speech over on our Facebook page.

Check out pictures from the event HERE.





New Hire: Creative Intern, Sabir Robinson

Sabir Robinson joined our creative team as an intern while he continues his studies at The Art Institute of Tennessee-Nashville. Hailing from Alabama, he’s made his way to Nashville to pursue a degree in design as he and his wife raise their adorable 6-year-old son (with a baby girl on the way!). Sabir brings skill, patience, and thoughtfulness to the team and we’re happy to have him with us!

Hometown: Huntsville, Alabama 

Why Marbaloo?: Outside of the wonderful people and amazing atmosphere, I love the assignments that we do here. I enjoy hearing an artists dream through song or a companies mission via statement, joining them on that journey and helping them realize that dream or vision they formed for themselves. It’s thrilling to be apart of something like that. And there is so much collaboration and encouragement among the artisans here, that it’s hard not to choose a place like this.  Nothing like living the Marb Life! 

What is your thing (Publicity, social media, marketing, design, photography, etc) and why?: Design is definitely my thing. I am driven to create and structure. My brain doesn’t know how to operate any other way. The idea of creating something new or interpreting a message is exciting. When I look at a blank piece of paper, it’s thrilling to imagine what ideas can manifest itself from it. 

Why do you do what you do?: I hope is to use my skills and gifts to inspire. I want to edify and educate low-income communities on art and graphic design. I also hope to help small businesses, while also finding ways to push the limits and make a significant contribution to the industry of graphic design.

What inspires you?: Everything pretty much inspires me. I have this strange way of finding a story into the most insignificant, inanimate things. For instance, I empathize with a bath towel that’s at the bottom of a pile in the furthest reaches of the closet. And on the contrary, I’m driven by the hidden dreams and outlandish ambitions of others. The human experience is inspiring. My inspiration is also internal. I maintain a desire to find and live in my purpose, excel in it and share what I know. 

How do you like to spend your free time?: I spend my free time with my family.  Any opportunity we have to spend time and be silly together, its a blast.  I nice picnic at a park, or a hot dog in a movie is always perfect. 

What do you wish people knew about you?: I am a cheerful giver with a dangerous level of altruism.  

What’s your favorite saying?: “Word”, occasionally, “word up”.

What do you do to recharge your creativity?:It’s kind of strange, but when I find myself cerebrally combusted, I watch a Christopher Nolan movie. His mind is the closest thing I can compare to my own. His movies remind me to reach a little bit further.  And to do it in my own lane, without environmental conformation. I remember that the greatest that I have to offer, hasn’t been seen or even thought of by any.  

What song can't you stop playing right now? KB - DNOU and Aha Gazelle - Transform.

Listen to Sabir's Anomalous Swag Playlist on Our Spotify Channel


New Hire: Interactive Intern, Tally Bevis

We're thrilled to have Tally Bevis join the Marbaloo team as an Interactive Intern! Miss Parsons 2018, Tally is a junior at Belmont University majoring in Music Business. She is also one of the co-founders of Octo Music Group, an event production company that creates, facilitates, and manages every aspect of throwing underground dance parties and private events. Her insight and enthusiasm have made her a great addition to the Marbaloo Marketing family! 

Hometown: Springfield, Tennessee

Why Marbaloo?: Marbaloo has such an exciting edge in the music industry and is home to some of Nashville’s most intelligent and capable women in the biz. I loved the idea of being with a company that inspires their team members to invest themselves wholeheartedly into the projects they work on while looking to the horizon to keep a competitive edge. The office is bright, the people are passionate, and I knew company culture played a lot into my excitement about coming to Marbaloo for this semester as a Marketing and Interactive Intern. I’m blessed to be here and to learn from some show-stopping, innovative leaders.

What is your thing and why?: I have to say I have always had such a passion for live events and concerts. There’s nothing that gets me more excited than hearing a song live, up close and personal, that I have been listening to on Spotify, CD or Vinyl, and experiencing the visual effects that go along with the music at live shows. From that comes my love of fun, creative marketing campaigns and all the visual content (photos, aftermovie) that come after the show is over. 

Why do you do what you do?: Music is a language that anyone can understand, across the globe. There’s nothing that I can think of that is more unifying yet simultaneously unique than music from different parts of the world, and I knew from a young age that music would always be a part of my life. Now I get to be a part of the industry that makes it happen, gets music on shelves and onto your playlists, the industry that curates the sounds of our culture. That’s pretty special to me. 

What inspires you?: Music, Quotes, Hugs, Laughter, Recognition, Good Food, Friends, Jokes, Bright Colors. Did I say Music?  

What do you wish people knew about you?: I am a total cat lady (and proud of it). 

How do you like to spend your free time?: When I think about free time, I have very little of it. I say that to mean that most every moment in my day is doing something to push myself to the next level, grow in my experiences and understanding, build relationships, help people (and myself) feel better, look better and be more confident; I am a full time Belmont student, a proud intern, a live event production entrepreneur, a small business owner with an incredible health and wellness company, a blessed girlfriend and Miss Parsons 2018, representing the Miss America Organization and the small but mighty town of Parsons, TN as an advocate for the power of citizenship and Children’s Miracle Network. I try to turn my free time into growth and giving, but then again I love cooking elaborate meals, long baths and watching Netflix. We are all human, right? 

What’s your favorite saying?: Anything Paulo Coelho, especially from the book “The Alchemist” that remind me daily of the Law of Attraction and my passion for seeing the world throughout my life. Here are my two favorites because it’s difficult to choose only one when so many are so inspiring. 

What do you do to recharge your creativity?: I have different Spotify playlists for different moods so I can trick myself into being excited or thoughtful or downright asleep (with the rain sounds playlist I have on speed dial); A quick sweep of Pinterest or an inspirational podcast and I am back at it again with a renewed excitement and motivation. Colors and words can be so inspiring!

What song can't you stop playing right now?: Pearl Diver by Alfred Hall, a new single released on 2/2 from the up and coming Norwegian duo with a sound like syrup. Check out their new track & some of my favorite Nashville electro and pop sounds on my new playlist “Tally’s Electric Vibes.” You can find it on Marbaloo’s Spotify.  

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New Hire: Interactive Assistant, Alden Burge

Florida native and copywriting ninja Alden Burge joined Marbaloo as an Interactive Assistant in October after interning with ROAR, and Iconic Entertainment. She also served as President / VP of communication and a founding member of her CMAedu chapter. Read more about her below and join us in welcoming her to our growing team! We're so happy to have her.

Hometown: St. Augustine, FL

Why Marbaloo?: I started following Marbaloo almost three years ago when I was interning for a different company in Nashville. The more familiar I became with the company, the more I admired the work ethic, the company culture, and the nontraditional “corporate” vibe. It seemed like the perfect contemporary environment to grow and learn from so many respected professionals in the industry. When the opportunity came up to apply, I jumped and I couldn’t be happier that I did. 

What is your thing and why?: Marketing and social media. Marketing just doesn’t exist today without social media. It’s a huge aspect of all of our lives and I love being able to work on behalf of artists and our other clients to help further their success. 

Why do you do what you do?: It’s really cool being a part of a team that helps others grow. Whether it’s a marketing campaign their fans/followers love, a #1 song, a video, a new album, or some other project; it’s rewarding to play a small part in achieving clients’ goals and then striving to achieve bigger and better goals in the future. I love the challenges (big or small) that present themselves in this industry.
What inspires you?: I think it’s really cool to see new and creative marketing campaigns that have been pushed out by big companies or other artists. In a way, it challenges you to think outside the box and work hard towards pulling together something awesome for the clients you work for. It’s also inspiring to hear new artists that have that fresh new energy about them. You can’t help but feel excited about it.

How do you like to spend your free time? I pretty much spend most of my free time with friends, at shows, traveling, and trying to stay active in some way. I’m not a homebody, so I love being out and about. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a good Netflix binge or night in every once in a while though :). 

What do you wish people knew about you?: I am super easy-going. Most people figure this out the more they get to know me, but I think it takes way more energy to be angry or upset all the time, so I try to be happy and content with everything going on in my life. 

What’s your favorite saying?: “Everything happens for a reason.”

What do you do to recharge your creativity?: Take a break. I think sometimes it’s helpful to step away from a project and come back to it after you’ve worked on something else or just taken some time off. 

What song can't you stop playing right now? The Middle by Maren Morris & Zedd

Listen to Alden's "Weekend Vibes" Playlist On Our Spotify Channel


#MarbsWorkFlow: Merry Rismas

Marisa Boras, Interactive & Creative Coordinator

"Merry Rismas" is a playlist for everyone! I love our client Brett Eldredge's Christmas album, "Glow," so I included plenty from that as well as all the Christmas classics - from Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby to Brenda Lee and Judy Garland. I grew up with Jimmy Buffett's "Christmas Island" album playing while we unwrapped gifts and cheers with blueberry champagne over Christmas brunch. It's the one album that truly gets me ready for the holidays. Although it's not a traditional Christmas song (but featured on the soundtrack for the movie "Elf"), I love "Pennies From Heaven" by Louis Prima and it's impossible not to smile while listening. Merry Rismas to all!

Listen Here: http://bit.ly/MerryRismas

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#MarbsWorkFlow: Dave's Dreamy Pop Bops

David Goldhahn, Sr. Creative Manager

I crafted the Dreamy Pop Bops playlist for the days and nights when you want to escape the world and just vibe to some perfectly designed pop tunes. Encompassing more than the just the Pop genre, it includes some of my all-time favorite artists like Taylor Swift, Rihanna and Britney Spears along with new faces in the music industry like SZA, Dua Lipa and Phoebe Ryan. Press play and drift away!

Listen here: http://bit.ly/DavesDreamyPopBops

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Your body is your vessel. Your mind is your telescope.

Kalaway Voss

Your art, your voice, your words are the beautiful constructs available to the world, available to you, as long as you have a body and have a mind. If you don’t take care of them, then how is it possible to develop and deliver the ideas and institutions you were meant for?

Stress can cripple us emotionally, mentally, physically, and energetically. It can obstruct the vision and skew our cognition. It happens often that work and stress are breathed about in the same sentence; therefore, follow this quick guide to naturally combat work related stress and maintain healthy energy. We cannot be our best bodies, our best brains while running on our reserves at the mercy of stress.

1. Hands

Your hands are one of your greatest tools and expressions. You use them every day. It is probable you take for granted that they need to be properly taken care of. Unbeknown to most of us, hands collect stress and hold energy. With three major nerves and 24 sensory branches, they are a very sensitive area of the body, receptive, too. Take a moment to think about all the things you use them for; how often they are employed. Realize in this moment that care for them is long overdue.

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 2.28.34 PM.png

In ancient Chinese medicine and acupressure practices, hands are the roadmap to the rest of the body. They hold 28 of the 304 known pressure points. By simply pressing, massaging or rolling areas in your hand using the other, stress and other ailments are able to lessen or dissipate completely. For example, rolling the finger-tips between your thumb and index finger of the other hand releases endorphins and bright energy. You will probably notice a slightly uncomfortable pressure upon first pressing, this is normal. However, practicing this small exercise can help reduce stress and change your mood almost instantly.

The image pictured is an acupressure map of the hands, please refer back to and use as needed. Give your hands the care and attention they deserve.

2. Hydration

Water is life. We are water.

Physically and mentally, water is essential to staying hydrated and helpful for proper organ function. Studies have shown there is a predominant link between drinking water and reduced stress. This is because dehydration causes an increase in the stress hormone, cortisol; while correct hydration causes an increase in serotonin, a neurotransmitter, which helps combat illnesses as severe as depression. Denying your body the fluids it requires to function healthily adds a physical stress and limits cognition. This amplifies the emotional, mental, and energetic stressors from everyday life.

In 1994, a study on the crystallization of water was conducted by Dr. Massaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist. His study was special in that it yielded astonishing results. Upon speaking both positive and negative affirmations to water, freezing the intentioned water, and then studying the crystals, a powerful pattern emerged. The water he spoke positively toward froze in beautifully symmetric snowflake-like constructs. While the negatively intentioned water showed no organization or rigid and broken fragments. He then took his experiment a step further. Without speaking, he thought toward the water. He sent both positive and negative thoughts to different samples. After repeating this experiment several times, he continuously yielded the same results as when he spoke aloud.

The human body is made up of 60-75% water.

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 2.28.44 PM.png

Water flows, so it is obvious that drinking a proper amount helps flush out toxins and waste.