Marbalearn Summer '19: Interactive Intern, Haley Kamouzis

Hometown: Chandler, Arizona

Why Marbaloo?:

I want to be great at what I do someday. Who better to learn from than the best in the business? The company culture, creativity, innovation, and passion that goes into this company sets it apart. Marbaloo represents their incredible clients flawlessly and has been a dream company of mine since deciding I had to intern in Nashville. I know, I know, cliché!

What is your thing and why?:

Marketing and Social media are my things. It is a constantly changing business that allows me to be creative. I love the connection aspect of the business and supporting people who I truly believe in. We live in an amazing time to be in Marketing/Social media, and it will only continue to grow and change!

Why do you do what you do?:

I have known without a doubt that I wanted to go into the music industry since my first concert 15 years ago (Martina Mcbride with Little Big Town, it was legendary.)  Music is such a strong part of my identity that I truly cannot imagine myself doing anything else!

What inspires you?:

My family, especially my mom. She raised two strong-willed girls, earned her bachelor's degree, worked full-time, and interned all at once. She is the epitome of a strong woman, and seeing her handle all of that with grace and ease set the stage for my sister and I. It is cheesy to say, but if I make her proud, I would consider myself successful.

How do you like to spend your free time?:

My free time is mostly spent with my dog, Cash Bentley (named after Johnny Cash and Dierks Bentley!) She is a 3-year-old collie/golden rescue pup, and my most loyal companion. I take her everywhere I can, which typically means a lot of outdoor activities. Being an Arizona native has led me to a life of sunshine addiction, and I am often found hiking, snowboarding, camping, tubing at the lake, and floating the river. When I am not outside, I am doing something music related. Listening to new artists, reading blogs, shopping at the record store, and creating playlists for the people in my life!

What do you wish people knew about you?:

I absolutely love to travel! I am Greek and a large part of my family still lives in Aris, Greece. We visit our home in Greece as often as we can, which has led to me being in Europe a few times, with plans to go back many times throughout my life. I will most likely talk your ear off about travel and music if you get me started!

What’s your favorite saying?:

“Find out who you are and do it on purpose.”

-Dolly Parton

What do you do to recharge your creativity?:

I am a self-professed social media stalker. There are so many incredibly talented people who use their platforms to share their voice and passions. Pinterest and Instagram always spark creativity in me. I also read a lot of poetry, which is an immediate creativity fix in my world.

What song can’t you stop playing right now?:

Tenille Townes just covered “Stupid Boy” with Amazon music. It is my favorite Keith Urban song and her version is jaw-dropping. “Cover Me Up” Morgan Wallen covered recently and it is one of the most beautiful covers I have ever heard! “Nightmare” by Halsey because that girl could cut a song about making a sandwich and I would listen on repeat. “Cool” by the Jonas Brothers because my inner 7th-grade girl is still not over them being back. There is no way I could have just picked one!

Listen to Haley’s playlist over on our Spotify Channel!