New Hire: Manager of Multi-Media Arts, Thomas Heney

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Why Marbaloo? It’s been a dream of mine to be a content creator in the music/entertainment industry for as long as I can remember and the thought of living in Nashville had been on my radar for years. Marbaloo is the perfect fit — amazing people, exciting work, and a wonderful company culture. 

What is your thing and why? Videography. I love being able to make a creative vision come to life through filming and post-production editing. It’s like having a mental image of a completed puzzle, creating the pieces, and then playing around with them until they all fit together. It’s incredibly challenging and rewarding every time!

Why do you do what you do? It’s a great way to express myself. My goal is to create content that goes beyond just looking and sounding good. I want it to have heart that boasts personality and conveys feeling. 

What inspires you? Adventure, music, friendships, and the great outdoors. 

How do you like to spend your free time? Hiking, writing music, and eating breakfast foods.

What do you wish people knew about you? I am absurdly good at table tennis. 

What’s your favorite saying? Art is really just where an adult can feel like a child again. 

What do you do to recharge your creativity? Spend time in nature. Also, napping. 

What song can't you stop playing right now? “Shy” by Leon Bridges

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