Keeping Marbs Running Strong

Joel Irby

At Marbaloo, naturally working in a digital marketing environment, we love some good tech. Whether it’s utilizing social media offerings for our clients or installing digital services to help facilitate our day to day work, we like to have our hands on the latest goods the internet has to offer. Here we are going to specifically focus on the latter, the technology that promotes efficient daily functions. While it will always come down to people to get the actual work done, having the proper tools to improve communication and stay organized can have a huge impact on the success of your office as a whole. Here are some apps and services that help keep Marbaloo on track every day.

When it comes to fast communication, Slack is our app of choice. At it’s core, it is a basic instant messaging platform setup within a specific network for your team. Many apps like this exist, but Slack’s particular interface makes it great for a busy workplace. For those that are always having trouble locating important messages that were sent long ago, Slack’s messages are fully searchable. Users can also star messages they know are important to be easily referenced later. One of the greatest features for us is the ability to create unique channels for ongoing conversations. For example, we have a channel for every client that all necessary employees are added to. Time sensitive information dealing with a particular client can quickly and easily be sent to everyone working on that project. Not only can Slack be used for typed messages, the app features voice and video calling for whatever suits your particular communication needs.  Available for download on your computer and smart phone, you will always have immediate access to the important conversations happening around your office. Check it out here:

Dashlane is another great resource for our employees. For myself personally, it is easy to lose track of usernames and passwords with the variety of websites I use. Take that issue and multiple it by more people and even more websites, and you can find yourself hitting “Forgot Password” more times than you’d like to admit. That is where Dashlane comes in to save the day. This application provides a place to securely organize not only your passwords but all of your sensitive information. The password organizer will show you the strength of your passwords, which ones are used multiple times, and how old they are. This is a great tool, especially for accounts that are extremely confidential, that will enable you to see your security risks so that you may take precautions. Users can set up shareable work spaces for things that are used by multiple employees, as well as a personal space for people like me that loved it so much they wanted to use it for themselves. You can download this app for free here:

Lastly, and one of my personal favorite, is Turboscan. For someone dealing with a lot of paper documents in the digital age this app is a game changer. As you might have guessed from the name, Turboscan is an app for “scanning” documents. From a picture taken with your phone’s camera, the app will automatically frame and format your document to look just as good as if it were scanned with a much larger machine. Turboscan also offers features to help keeping your scanned documents organized and easily shareable. Within the app you can name your documents, as well as search them later, to ensure they don’t get lost in a mass of files. You are also given options to email, text, etc. all your documents directly from the app. For me personally, this app has made my life so much easier. With numerous documents coming in and out of the mail, Turboscan makes it easy to keep digital records of everything so nothing gets lost. You can download Turboscan in the app store on your smart phone.

No matter what business your office is in, having the right technology can drastically impact your success. While these are some of our favorite apps, there are many variations available. Do some research and find what fits your specific needs the best.