It Was A Paw-ty Participating In The First-Ever Muttnation Walk!

Caitlin Davis

CMA Fest is always a crazy, busy time for Marbaloo, especially the press team. We are in and out of the office running here and there for interviews with our artists. It’s a blast, but can make it hard to fit anything else in our schedules. However, when Miranda Lambert’s team reached out to us about participating in the first-ever Muttnation walk on Thursday of CMA Fest, we jumped at the opportunity (especially me, since I’m a dog mom to two crazy boys - a Husky mutt named Astro and an Alaskan malamute named Noah.)

Muttnation Foundation, founded by Miranda and her mom, Bev, in 2009, is a donation-supported organization with the mission to end animal cruelty, neglect and homelessness. I’ve always had a heart for dogs, especially rescue shelter dogs. A little backstory on my two boys. Astro was one year old when I got him from the Williamson County Animal Shelter. I don’t know his backstory but if he had a rough start in life, you’d never know it because he is one of the happiest little boogers. He jumped from the backseat into my lap before I even pulled out of the animal shelter parking lot on his adoption day. :) Over the last three years, he has kept me laughing, given me a heart attack or two from his escape artist abilities and become one of my best little buddies. I’m pretty sure God chuckled the day he made Astro man.

I rescued Noah (or as I say, Nodie), who unfortunately had been abused as a puppy, when he was two. I wanted little Astro to have buddy to play with and luckily they took to each other right away. Mr. Nodie Nodes is a full-on D-I-V-A! He is all about the theatrics from his howling to his paw gestures and he has no problem giving me sass or back-talking. I’m also pretty sure he has no idea just how big he is - 110 LBS! His favorite thing is to destroy squeaky toys in record time. When my mom gave him a toy for Christmas with 13 squeakers in it, he had killed every one of them in under five minutes. Needless to say, he was proud of himself. I feel lucky to get to be his momma because he is such a sweet, goofy boy!

After agreeing to participate in the  Muttnation Walk, I had to decide if one or both was going to go. Last Fall, I learned the hard way that I can’t exactly walk both dogs at the same time, so I had to figure out what I was going to do. I ultimately chose to take Astro because I knew the heat would be way too much for Noah and he’d be miserable.

So, I loaded up Astro man on that Thursday and headed to Nissan Stadium in East Nashville to meet my fellow Marbalooers  and their pups for the walk. There was a great turn out of humans and their pups all ready to raise awareness about shelter dogs. Astro was SO excited to meet the other dogs he could barely contain himself. After the kick-off speech outside the stadium, Miranda led the pack with boyfriend, Anderson East, Nashville Mayor Megan Berry, and radio host, Storme Warren.  

As we made our way toward the Pedestrian Bridge, Little Astro decided he was not going to get lost in the pack, so we cut to the outside and stayed in front. I think he thought he was in a race and he wasn’t going to lose. When we reached the Chevy Park Stage, Miranda stepped on stage and talked about how important Muttnation is to her and what the walk meant to her. She talk about her seven rescue dogs and how one Christmas she took all of them to her mom’s, who has four of her own, house and the celebration ended up being more about dog treats than human presents. She also explained there were 70 dogs who participated in the walk that would be up for adoption during her adoption drive at Music City Center during CMA Fest. Miranda expressed her gratitude for all the participates in this Instagram post.

Overall, the event was such a blast and I’m already looking forward to it next year! Not only was it great to participate in a cause near and dear to my heart, but it was great to be able to do it as a company and share the experience with Astro man. (Don’t worry about Mr. Nodie - he got lots of hugs, kisses & treats when I got home!)

To check out more about Muttnation or to donate, click here.