The Red Couch Party

Joel Irby

Last month we celebrated the birthday of our very own boss lady, Faithe Dillman. At first I was very nervous about planning this party because it’s for my boss and I wanted everything to be perfect. After a brainstorming session with my co-host Julie Behr, I realized it’s not about throwing an expensive party with flashy things, but doing something that is personal for the guest of honor. Thus the Red Couch Party was born, designed to recreate the feeling of Marbaloo’s inception with some of it’s memorable tokens. 

The company was started on a red couch, so we decked out our conference room with a red table cloth and lots of red cups, plates, etc. Another icon of early Marbaloo was Camden, a friendly black cat and unofficial mascot of the office. Black cat masks were taped up on the walls, but I wanted to take it a little further. Another lesson, don’t be afraid to embarrass yourself for the birthday girl’s amusement. I found an extra glittery cat mask and black tail that I wore for the party to act out the part of Camden and bring a little more life to the scene. Julie also told me how she and Faithe essential survived on SmartOne bean and rice microwaveable meals back in the day, so naturally that was what we served for food. Again, it wasn’t about having something lavish, because even these simple little meals brought a smile to Faithe’s face. I added chips and queso to the menu, cause it went well with the meals and helped add more substance. Finally we had to have margaritas, because the boss loves some good tequila (even though I bought José Cuervo…). When serving for a big crowd, I find it helpful to use some premixed and then add some fresh ingredients to take it up a notch. This makes it easy to get the quantity you need while controlling quality and not breaking your back juicing limes, etc. Overall the party turned out great, it was fairly simple but we created the feeling we wanted to and were able to take Faithe on a little trip down memory lane.