Toby Keith’s First Facebook Live

Going LIVE With One of Country Music’s Biggest Superstars

Conducting a Facebook Live from a tour bus is bound to be a bit tricky, even trickier when it’s one of country music’s biggest superstar’s first time. Our secret weapon? A big ass iPad.

Toby Keith was kicking off his ‘Interstates and Tailgates’ tour in Louisville Kentucky on May 21, 2016 and wanted to give fans a peek behind the scenes with an acoustic preview of a brand new song and a short Q&A session with fans. Since this was before Facebook Live’s program update, notifying fans and collecting questions in advance via Toby’s social platforms was a must.

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Prepping your artist for their Facebook live will combat any awkward or long pauses along the way. You have to let them know what they can expect in advance and what you plan on accomplishing during the live stream. Give the artist and their team an outline and order of events in which you’d like the stream to run, in order to help everything run smoothly. Be sure to answer any questions the artist or team may have to put everyone at ease before you hit the “Go Live” button.

Most importantly, it’s essential to create a fun and light atmosphere during a Facebook Live and recognize that this is a time for the artist to connect with their fans on a more personal and powerful level before and even after the stream.

With a list of some of the best questions collected and printed out in LARGE font, the biggest iPad we could find, secure wifi, and a vintage Toby tour shirt in tow, it was time to go live!

Toby’s first Facebook Live was a huge success (with over one million people reached, 215 thousand views, 4.4 thousand comments and 1.9 thousand shares).

The New Facebook Live

Facebook Live has gotten a huge update recently. Now as marketers, we have the tools to schedule a Live in advance, automatically encourage followers to set tune-in reminders, send push notifications once you’re live and much more. Read all about the updates here and look out for these new advances in Toby’s and all of our other clients’ next Facebook Live.