The Wild World of Facebook Live

Anthony Langone

Social editorial is still a fairly new idea for publicists. The fact that the outlets we’ve been working with for years are hiring editorial editors to curate social content represents a shift that changes the course of publicity as we know it.

It’s the new Wild West and Facebook Live is leading the charge. 

I won’t discuss the benefits of Facebook Live on a personal page because frankly, that doesn’t appeal to me. What excites me is the ability to turn a media outlet into a broadcast show. Turning a magazine into a concert venue. For the first time, musicians truly have a mass audience at their disposal with the click of a button. 

After a year plus of working with numerous of Facebook live teams in media, there are three major benefits that I’m thankful for.

+Playing for a Mass Audience: It takes years for most artists to play for a crowd of 20,000 - Facebook Live allows it to happen anytime,anywhere. This is why it's essential for up and coming artists to book as many sessions as possible. It's truly the most engaging way to get you music in front of new listeners.

It's Inescapable: Never before has a release week felt so full than now. Facebook Live's help even out the gray space, and ensure that Facebook feeds are non-stop artist advertisements when multiple Facebook lives are booked. More face time = more sales. Who doesn't like that? 

We're Writing the Rules: There is no "expected procedure" here. Outlets and publicists alike are trying new tactics everyday and that allow space for creativity. 

Change in media is a good thing. Social editorial benefits us all. You just need the time and determination to figure it out and wrangle in each win.