Executive Assistant

Vice President, Julie Behr is seeking a full-time Executive Assistant to take calls, creating expense reports and booking her travel and doing so for department members as she directs.


  • General administrative tasks such as copying, printing, organizing, etc. 
  • Writing copy for eblasts, socials & news items, and utilizing Artwork Requests to obtain graphics for those postings for yourself, Julie, and other department members as requested. 
  • Taking & producing meeting notes. 
  • Updating BaseCamps & Slack with status' and files. 
  • Updating project documents. 
  • Creating & updating project timelines & schedules. 
  • Creating project wraps, sending weekly status reports and campaign highlights internally and externally. 
  • Remind team members of deadlines, circulate updates, traffic concerns and accomplishments internally & client facing via emails and phone calls. 
  • Assist in creation of proposals, pitches and idea documents. 
  • Responsible for posting facilitation and strategy for assigned online platforms such as, but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr and Instagram for Marbaloo and clients and directed (including some weekend posting when necessary). 
  • Award submissions for projects and stunts throughout the year. 
  • Monitor and stay ahead of industry trends. 
  • Be a good teammate. Help other people in your role and in other departments be successful.
  • Please submit your resume to shay@marbaloo.com.

Publicity Assistant

Director of Media is seeking a full-time Publicity Assistant with a passion for online platforms/outlets, blogs and social media. They will be responsible for supporting Publicity Managers & Coordinators in generating and executing publicity campaigns with online outlets and their social channels as well as internal organization and administrative tasks. This includes pitching and securing publicity for the company’s client roster, updating internal staff and clients on progress, keeping drives & client documents up to date, booking travel, compiling expense reports, etc. This position demands a high level of time management, attention to detail, creativity, excellent copywriting skills, and innovative thinking. Familiarity with social media posting is required.


  • Researching and delivering media industry shifts to department
  • Researching and delivering trending stories and topics to department
  • Ideate and research new feature opportunities based on clients’ campaigns
  • Pitching and delivering local PR opportunities
  • Creating client wrap and contributing to new client proposals
  • Distributing press clippings to clients
  • Copywriting features
  • Updating Drives, Basecamps and internal documents regularly and as directed
  • Assisting press managers in the creation of bios, boilerplates, and client one sheets via Creative Department used for pitching
  • Write, send, collect & distribute pickup from media blasts.
  • General administrative support including but not limited to calendar maintenance, arranging calls, ordering & delivery of gifts, compiling expense reports, booking travel, creating day sheets, mailing items, etc.
  • Please submit your resume to shay@marbaloo.com.

Publicity Manager

Director of Media is seeking a full-time Publicity Manager. In this position you are responsible for generating and executing publicity campaigns with an emphasis on multi-platform features for celebrities, products & technology clients. This includes building narrative, high volume pitching and securing opportunities that are creative, cutting edge and original. We expect that you'll utilize previous relationships, constantly pursue new ones and have the ability to manage multiple projects at once while remaining organized, detail oriented and professional. This role position demands a high level of time management, innovative thinking and large amounts of client communication. Strong knowledge of digital media and trends is required. Familiarity with online and print media advertising is ideal but not required.


  • Ability to craft PR narrative 
  • Develop and execute purposeful publicity campaigns for artists and brands 
  • Ideate and create story angles that drive narrative 
  • Writing bios, boiler plates & media blasts 
  • Leverage social media applications and incorporate latest technology in PR practices 
  • Pitch and deliver local PR wins 
  • Pitch and deliver national PR wins 
  • Pitch and deliver niche industry wins 
  • Deliver consistent stream of coverage for all artists and brands 
  • Blog & Influencer management & pitching 
  • Arranging & attending in-office visits & desk-side interviews for clients in New York, Los Angeles and Nashville 
  • Securing multi-platform coverage with outlets (social activations, e-newsletter inclusions, subscribers network exclusives, multi-site syndications, ect) 
  • Facilitating flow of assets between clients & partners 
  • Compile & present wraps, clippings and weekly reporting 
  • Communicating and educating clients on opportunities and progress 
  • Monitor and stay ahead of industry trends 
  • Please submit your resume to shay@marbaloo.com.

Basic Qualifications: A minimum of 3 years public relations/media relations experience. Excellent PR, communications and writing skills. Results oriented and experienced in media pitching or in editorial role. Demonstrated knowledge/understanding of entertainment, media and news value. Strong media contacts. Ability to independently handle multiple tasks on deadline in fast-paced environment. Strategic and creative thinker. Self-starter. Positive attitude and team player

Marketing Manager

The Interactive & Partnerships department is focused on digital stunts and needle moving collaborations with other artists, apps, companies & brands. This team works on ideation with the Creative department, collaborate & create narrative with the Publicity department, and is responsible for generating and facilitating successful promotional and marketing campaigns with special care to the digital integration and engagement of our artists’ audience through revenue generating platforms, email marketing and social strategy within those plans. You will be responsible for sensitive celebrity clientele. You are responsible for producing engaging campaign elements, growth strategy and protecting talent branding across all facets of marketing. This position reports to the Vice President of Interactive & Partnerships. Your detailed responsibilities include but are not limited to the below:

  • Seek out, pitch and secure new relationships, partnerships and opportunities as well as handle relationship hand-offs from your department head for activation planning.
  • Responsible for developing the roll out strategy & timeline and managing the project plan and working internally & externally to execute those plans
  • Formulate strategic direction and vision with clients to achieve desired project objectives
  • Analyze project metrics to ensure they are meeting business requirements/objectives
  • Manage day-to-day client relationship and communications
  • Monitor day-to-day internal activities and be actively involved with each department to ensure work is progressing as planned
  • Manage schedules, budgets, assets, and overall project organization and deliverable dates
  • Maintain project documentation (Hotsheets, Slack & Basecamps) to ensure requirements are clearly communicated, understood and executed upon
  • Consistently manage client expectations, ensure delivery of the highest quality service, and solicit and act on client feedback
  • Proactively identify opportunities and deliver improvements
  • Willingness to be a team player including posting to social media platforms when need be or covering events for other employees
  • Responsible for your own expense reports and calendar/scheduling.
  • Please submit your resume to shay@marbaloo.com.

Interactive Manager

Full-time Interactive Manager is responsible for managing and facilitating promotions campaigns across all major social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & SnapChat. This includes constructing a posting schedule, with a timeline based on strategic goals to be accomplished. You must have the ability to review and understand the analytics of those posts and how they performed and then also be able to present those facts to a team both in-person via documentation. This role requires someone who is communicative with team members and participates in group efforts well. You must follow trends, read trade magazines and be constantly researching social platform engagement as a whole with regard to best practices and new products and programs that then they implement into innovative campaign proposals. We at Marbaloo like to do things first and we like to do things bigger than they have ever been done and it's those ''big'' idea people who can fully facilitate that idea that Marbaloo is looking to hire. This position demands high level project management, self-motivation and creativity. Familiarity with Photoshop and html is ideal but not required.


  • Serve as key communications contact for a variety of content provided by A-List music talent and high profile brands. 
  • Maintain all social platforms including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, SnapChat and more Create, execute and summarize social advertising campaigns for clients.
  • Set up new clients by working with management and team members to gather all needed information as dictated by the initiation documents as well as keeping those documents up to date.
  • Collaborating, contributing, formalizing and attending artist meetings in conjunction with roster preload and social campaigns.
  • Develop and execute influencer campaigns Selection, correspondence and coordination of contest winners.
  • Facilitate future client social analysis for overall proposal.
  • Update weekly reporting and generate campaign summaries.
  • Contributing to Marketing Managers campaign plans and facilitation. 
  • Assist with internal and client facing communications efforts Standardization of social media checklists and department processes and procedures Monitor and stay ahead of industry trends
  • Please submit your resume to shay@marbaloo.com.

Basic Qualifications: A minimum of 3 years experience in the social space. Excellent email communications, writing & organization skills. Experience in creating and writing social copy. Proficiency with Basecamp preferred but not required. Demonstrated knowledge/understanding of music, media and entertainment. Experience in having to facilitate weekly reports. Ability to independently handle multiple tasks on deadline in fast-paced environment. Strategic and creative thinker. Self-starter with positive attitude and team player.